"We're putting the band back together!" - The CI Jazz Machine 45th Anniversary

This year marks the 45th Anniversary of the CI Jazz Machine - the most exciting, musical, and dedicated assemblage of musicians with whom I have ever had the privilege to work. Comprised of some of the best musicians from across Northern Ohio, it was a Who's Who of players from that generation.

Some musicians who performed with the band included saxophonists Dave D’Angelo, Tim Angeloni, John Orsini, John Alpeter, Allen Wittig, David V. Bennett, Mark Vinci, Rich Perry, and Mark Lopeman; trumpeters Jeff Wilson, Bob Doll, Chris DeMarco, Jack Schantz, Mike Parkinson, Malcolm Bartlett, and Dave Banks; trombonists Steve Kegg, Chas Baker, Garney Hicks, Dan Hoenigman, Tom Zeller, Gary Twining, Steve Dial, James Masters, Bob Dodge, and Roy Duvall; pianists Rock Wehrmann, Roland Paolucci; bassists Mary Block, Harry Dempsey, Barb VanCamp; and drummer Mark Gonder.

A Reunion Concert was tentatively scheduled for late September of this year, but has been postponed. It will be rescheduled and will take place in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area. 

In addition to the music we played forty-five years ago, the band will also be performing new music and some that I am writing especially for this performance.

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