BMI Jazz Composers Workshop Commences 32nd Season

This year marks the 32nd year of the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop and I am excited to once again be a participant. The workshop was founded by internationally acclaimed composers Bob Brookmeyer and Manny Albam, and author Burt Korall, to foster the musical growth of the individual composers and to create a body of work that extends the language of composition for jazz orchestra.
Since I first joined the workshop in the 2014/2015 season, I have had the opportunity to work with Jim McNeely, Mike Holober, Andy Farber, Ted Nash, Alan Ferber and other accomplished composers. It is an inspiring experience, creating a community of like-minded composers who are committed to exploring contemporary jazz composition in a nurturing and supportive environment. It is an opportunity to take chances with my writing that I would not normally consider in a public performance setting. 
The monthly reading session is especially educational with the workshop’s 17-piece BMI/New York Jazz Orchestra giving composers an opportunity to hear their works in progress. The comments and suggestions from the performers also adds another level of expertise to the composers’ works. 
I will be posting updates on my latest composition in the near future.

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